Mr. Chairman, the Proprietress, Distinguished Guests, Members of PTA Governing Council, Members of Staff, Our Dear Parents, Graduands  and Students of Our Great School, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am highly glad and proud to thank the Almighty God for giving us the privilege to be alive to witness the 2nd Valedictory Service of Aggrey Memorial Secondary School, AMESCO. I therefore welcome you all to this august gathering designed to honour our SS3 graduands whom the School has groomed for six years.
        Our school academic structure is based on functional education which is the epitome of the National Policy on Education. The National Policy on Education defines the role for Nigerian child in nation building. It also empowers the Nigerian child to chart a meaningful path for self-reliance. Undoubtedly, functional education cultivates an individual to acquire knowledge, skill and logic to enable him to contribute his quota to the project of nation building. Therefore to achieve the result of this task for our students, Aggrey Memorial Secondary School lays emphasis on practical academic work and moral principles that will guide our students to be creative in decision making to be relevant in nation building.
    I acknowledge the unique dedication and commitment of the teachers of our great school as the epitome of our students’ academic excellence. With their unique commitment, they have been able to inspire our students to imbibe our philosophy and values which among other things, respect, dignity of labour, and selfless service. When the students appreciate and imbibe such values, we achieve our dream as a school. More so it helps the nation to achieve its goals as they live in the society as responsible and patriotic citizens. I therefore say to our great teachers, bravo for the job well done!!
    To our out-going students, I say, congratulations! In the course of cultivating you to fit into the society, we established a relationship which made us to interact in many ways. We taught you, we praised you, we counseled you, we queried you and we punished you to modify you to make you upright to fit you into the society. Be informed that we did all those things to you not because we hated you but because we love you and therefore guiding you right. This is because we believe your success is part of our success and your failure is part of our failure. You are the prospective leaders of the society and hope of our great school. And for that matter you cannot afford to fail us. This is the more reason why we instituted SRC for you in the school to offer you leadership skills to overcome future leadership challenges. And it is our sincere hope that the exposure, creativity and the leadership skills you have acquired will reinforce you to be good ambassadors of our great school by leading the society responsibly. It will be our great delight and utmost pride to hear good news from you in the nearest future. To achieve that, I have a fervent advice for you and make it the epitome of your philosophy. The advice is; Never Forget Your Root. Your root refers to your origin of inspiration and nurturing. Your past must never be forgotten. Your past modifies and strengthens today and tomorrow. It is undeniable fact that our experiences, whether home or school reflect who we are and who we shall become. They affect the perspective we deal with situations. I therefore urge you to reflect on the experiences you have had in Aggrey Memorial Secondary School; from JSS1to SS3. Never make your education end here. Seek education to the highest level. Please never forget your root. Your success, failure and misfortunes should be used as key instrument to learn for future success and happiness. I cherish the belief that you will not forget your root. Be discipline, honest and morally upright. Endeavour to resist mob opinions because the mob has many heads but no brain. Never allow yourself to be negatively influenced by your friends or peer pressure. Resist making miscreants and hooligans to be your friends.

This is because bad manners corrupt good manners. We believe the training, experience and exposure gained from the school will be your guiding principles and the driving force to make difference in life.
    Today as you go forth or you are being sent off to the world, we urge you to be Godly and prayerful because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Serve God and your parents in every aspect of your endeavour. Never disappoint God for creating you and also never you disappoint your parents for sacrificing their time and resources for your growth and success. Remember to uphold the good name of the school and your home. You must not forget your alma mater. The School shall expect you soon to join hands with the first set of our senior secondary school leavers to inaugurate the Alumni Association of the School.
    Today, my heart reacts in two ways; we are saddened that you are leaving us. We will miss you dearly. Notwithstanding, we are also happy today that you are leaving us to proceed to the next level of your education to fulfill your future dreams. I have no doubt that you will remember the school and your days here; you will remember your teachers and your classmates, you will remember the assembly, break hours, and closing hours, class test and examination. You will never forget school excursion, sports competitions and SRC Day. Today, Aggrey Memorial Secondary School sends you off to the world to proceed to the next level of your academic pursuit. We wish you Gods guidance and protection to accomplish your education career.
      I use this opportunity to thank our parents whose indispensible support and sacrifice have been the backbone of the success of our Graduands. May the Almighty God reward you for the role played for them to reach this level of their education. We urge you not to relent on your commitment to see to it that the Graduands education is not truncated at this level. We encourage you to continue your support and commitment to complete their education at the next academic level. Please notice that the completion of their next academic level that will make them the full-fledged educated beings with employable skills can empower them to contribute their quota to the home and the society.
      On behalf of the School, I express my fervent appreciation to the Chairman, Distinguish Guests, the Members of PTA Governing Council and the entire parents for making today’s occasion colourful and memorable.
Thank you


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